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Anhui has issued the plan for the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

recently, it was learned from the Energy Bureau of Anhui province that the plan for the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Anhui Province (year) was recently issued to accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Anhui Province and promote the large-scale application of electric vehicles

by 2020, in order to meet the charging demand of more than 200000 electric vehicles, according to the configuration requirements of electric vehicles in different application fields, 200 special charging stations for buses, 100 charging stations for special vehicles such as sanitation and logistics, 130 urban public charging stations, 30000 decentralized public charging piles, 150000 decentralized self-use charging piles for official and private cars, and 170 intercity fast charging stations will be built, The total planned investment is 10billion yuan. It is estimated that from 2017 to 2020, 3.3 billion kwh of new electricity will be used and 3million tons of alternative fuel oil will be used

2017-2020, Anhui Province will focus on the construction of special charging infrastructure in urban public service fields such as public transport, sanitation and logistics. Priority will be given to the construction of charging infrastructure in public places such as bus stations, taxi stations, large shopping malls, supermarkets, sports venues, industrial parks and tourist scenic spots, and the transformation of garage power distribution facilities in old residential areas will be started. Improve the charging infrastructure system and continue to promote the construction of interconnection platforms. The charging service fully covers all cities in the province and the high-speed sections within and between provinces. The charging network is fully formed and basically meets the development needs of electric vehicles. Starting from 2017, the newly-built residential area garage should have the installation conditions of charging infrastructure, and the charging piles of the newly-built public parking lot must be configured in proportion

according to Anhui News on August 21, Hefei and Wuhu, as national pilot cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, are key areas for the development of charging infrastructure in Anhui Province. The proportion of public charging piles to electric vehicles is not less than 1:7, and the public charging service radius in the urban core area is less than 0.9 km; In other cities, the proportion of public charging posts and electric vehicles to the use of commercial super plastic bags has generally decreased by more than 2/3, not less than 1:12, and the public charging service radius in the core area of the city will strive to be less than 2 km. The production enterprises that combine the mixing granulation and extrusion forming processes have taken various measures to reduce prices to maintain a profitable situation. The one-step extrusion process of "2 for 1" is also worth paying attention to, and regions with conditions are encouraged to carry out construction according to the configuration standards of pilot cities

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