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For the current format of building door and window shopping malls in China, authoritative data show that in China's building door and window shopping malls, aluminum door and window commodities account for the largest share, accounting for 55%; The second is plastic doors and windows, accounting for 35%; Steel doors and windows have a 6% share; Other materials account for the remaining 4%. In terms of output value, it is about 150million square meters

the reason why aluminum alloy doors and windows occupy the largest market share is that in the vast cities and towns of China, the finished products of aluminum alloy doors and windows are carried out for a long time and on a wide scale

although the quality of aluminum alloy goods has been questioned by ordinary people at a certain time or in some areas, due to the limited living standards of domestic people and the constraints of economic conditions, aluminum doors and windows are still their first choice among some consumers

although most aluminum doors and windows today are still single-layer glass with general aluminum profile devices, such as Guanhao doors and windows with bridge breaking function, aluminum doors and windows with insulating glass account for less than 20% of the total aluminum window shopping malls, and aluminum doors and windows still account for half of the construction of door and window commodity shopping malls

for the question about the composition of 6% of steel doors and windows, some fire doors, factory gates, including anti-theft doors and color steel plates are all attributed to steel doors. In addition, because some villages also use steel windows, the solid web steel windows or open web steel windows seen in the past are still produced in some areas, but the number is not many

plastic door and window commodities are new building door and window commodities developed with the support of national industrial policies. After 20 years of development, various commodities have entered thousands of households. However, due to the rise in the price of raw materials and the non-standard practices of some operators, the plastic door and window industry is now facing a serious test

in recent years, general consumers are faced with the argument that real estate developers and some construction design departments have announced about the quality of finished aluminum and plastic doors and windows. Isn't it? The recent aluminum alloy doors and windows have just come out. Compared with the earlier solid web steel windows and open web steel windows, the lightweight and beautiful decoration has indeed attracted many consumers. However, with the passage of time and the test of wind, frost, snow and rain in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the disadvantages of the initial aluminum alloy doors and windows have been exposed, especially the disadvantages of strong thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation, which make people complain

in the past two years, the energy-saving design specifications around the country have made higher requirements for the specifications of doors and windows, and aluminum alloy doors and windows will face greater challenges. In the future, whether the proportion of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the occupation can still maintain the current level is another matter. Of course, this is also the driving force for the professionals of aluminum alloy doors and windows to constantly improve and innovate





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