130000 qingbaoxiu 90 square meters second-hand hou

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It took three months to clear the bag all the way, and the cabin finally graduated ~ ~ I gave it a name - bieguju

decoration and clearing the bag, including all the costs of about 13W ~ I learned a lot in theory, and I also came to show it today The house is very expensive. 163w bought a second-hand house less than 90 square meters. With the money given by his parents and his savings of several years, he took the road of housing slaves in order to have a place to live and a sense of security in this city. Therefore, if you can save money for decoration, you can save it. Many of my things are purchased online, including large pieces of furniture, including sofas and crystal lights Only 4W was spent on hard decoration, including labor, and the remaining 90000 were spent on furniture

sofa: the brand of styroland first took a fancy to the style in the mall, and then bought it online on Taobao. It's really much cheaper. My friends say that I have great courage. I dare to buy such large pieces of furniture online. The sofa is really beautiful. It's made of genuine leather ~ ~ but white is not easy to take care of Bed: the brand is American lace, which was bought in Eurasia and fell in love at first sight. This bed is a little expensive, and the mattress is also a special mattress for lace Haiyue Hotel, which is a little soft Sleeping is still very comfortable. The mattress is online shopping

furniture: for example, TV cabinets, dressing tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, etc. are all online shopping drops. At first, I didn't trust the quality. I bought one first and tried it. After the logistics arrived, I felt that the quality was very good, just like that of shopping malls, so all online shopping, hahaha The seller is from Foshan. Vertical vases: the vases and plastic flowers in the living room were bought in the East Railway Station commodity market. On the fourth floor, a set of 720 meters spent. I like the shape very much. It was matched by the boss, and I found it after looking for a long time





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