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Since 2003, it has emerged on the international stage, and now it has returned to the domestic channel market. Shengyou wooden door has completed the two wheel drive transformation of an international brand in the domestic and foreign markets

in 2002, "Hengtong wood decoration", which started from the wood line and wood veneer business, was renamed Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd., mainly making solid wood doors. Since 2003, it has emerged on the international stage, and now it has returned to the domestic channel market. Shengyou wooden door has completed the two wheel drive transformation of an international brand in the domestic and foreign markets

from the beginning of the establishment of Shengyou wooden door, dealers have continuously joined the channel camp of Shengyou wooden door. Now when the brand proposes to start the domestic market with a new marketing mode, the good quality and good reputation accumulated among the dealers over the years make Shengyou once again sought after by the vast number of dealers, and Shengyou is becoming a mutual achievement under quality, service, trust and understanding. For many old Shengyou dealers, you may work hard enough and pay enough, but the only difference is that you choose Mumen and I choose Shengyou

figures related to Shengyou wooden door:

1 Each solid wood door is 100% imported logs from core material to surface plate. From processing to delivery, it needs to undergo 2 times of drying and 12 times of quality inspection

2. On average, one Shengyou wooden door is exported every 0.25 minutes. The annual Shengyou wooden door can orbit the earth about 41 times

3. So far, more than 10million users around the world have used Shengyou wooden doors, ranking far ahead of China's solid wood door exports for eight consecutive years

4. Shengyou wooden door brand has traveled in more than 26 countries in the world (Britain, the United States, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, etc.)

5. The single factory covers an area of more than 110000 square meters, with more than 1600 employees, 5 holding subsidiaries and a number of professional supporting companies

the first reason for choosing Shengyou:

the whole industrial ecological chain of wood products - it's good to enjoy the cool under the big tree

Shengyou wooden door took 25 years to settle down and became the first wooden door brand to realize the whole industrial ecological chain of wood products: it has a number of supporting wood enterprises specializing in the production of parts for Shengyou, including wood veneers, edge banding strips, door jambs, window jambs, integrated materials, etc. for the professional production of Shengyou, and integrates solid wood doors, solid wood windows The research and development, production, sales and service of whole wood household products are integrated. Shengyou always takes raw materials as the starting point, and controls all links including design, production, installation and after-sales maintenance services one by one, so as to make the "whole industry chain model" advocated by the whole group a reality

the second reason for choosing Shengyou:

ten-year warranty and lifelong maintenance - a strong quality foundation

Shengyou's relationship with dealers has lasted for more than ten years, all due to the quality advantage of solid wood door products. After more than ten years of international market testing, Shengyou solid wood door products have the most powerful adaptability. Whether exported to the wettest Tokyo in Japan or the driest Las Vegas in the United States, they can always maintain the stability of quality. In the view of domestic dealers, no after-sales service is their best service, and only with such a solid foundation, the terminal team building and channel development are more handy and confident

the third reason for choosing Shengyou:

accurate positioning of the urban middle class - cost-effective advocates

every pragmatic dealer hopes to show the best products to the owners in the fastest and intuitive way. Good products, good services and low prices undoubtedly become the hearts and minds of dealers. Shengyou told every dealer that solid wood doors should be affordable, affordable and long-term, so Shengyou's cost-effective positioning can be favored by the majority of dealers. If you are smart and pragmatic enough, you can earn 1000 yuan per person from 500 people. If you are very greedy and foolish, you can also squeeze limited profits from one person and lose the whole foothold. I believe everyone will make a clear choice

the fourth reason for choosing Shengyou:

a new marketing model -- segment market integration

Shengyou believes that when enterprises carry out "building block innovation", they should pay attention to the rapid docking and adaptation of products and the market, and occupy the precise market with the fastest speed, so as to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and maximize user benefits. As the pioneer of the "building block innovation mode" in the wooden door industry, Shengyou wooden door relies on the advantages of the whole industrial chain to realize large-scale production and personalized customization, reduce the cost of solid wood doors from the source, and ensure the rapid response of the market and personalized and efficient services

it is true that everyone agrees with the quality of Shengyou wooden door, both inside and outside the industry, which has also become the emotional bond between Shengyou wooden door and dealers. The more profound aspect is the recognition and preference of a generation of dealers who understand quality, value public praise and value friendship for Shengyou over the years. There is an emotion called "Shengyou feelings"

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