Jiushidu smart wardrobe Henan Hebi franchise store

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Recently, 90 degree smart wardrobe cabinets have entered Hebi, Henan Province, giving the majority of owners of Hebi a chance to enjoy 90 degrees? The development of smart home technology brings a healthy lifestyle combined with smart technology

October 25th, 2014 is an extraordinary day for jiushidu people. On October 25th, jiushidu intelligent wardrobe and cabinet entered Hebi, Henan Province strongly; Henan Hebi jiushidu smart wardrobe flagship store was grandly opened, and the opening event was successfully held on October 25. There was a singing and dancing opening performance, and there was strong support from the people of Hebi. The successful holding of this event marks the official successful landing of 90 degrees smart home in Hebi home market, enabling the majority of owners in Hebi to enjoy the healthy lifestyle combined with smart technology brought by the development of 90 degrees smart home technology

jiushidu smart wardrobe and cabinet industry will surely offer wonderful and fashionable smart wardrobe styles to owners and friends in Hebi, Henan Province, and bring a new lifestyle of wardrobe smart home to Hebi people! 90 degrees smart wardrobe cabinets make your life more exciting





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